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Why Runescape SO Popular in Game Players?
Why Runescape SO Popular in Game Players?
Runescape has 170 servers worldwide, most of them located in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and other countries. Popularity is second only to the world of warcraft. Are you curious about that what the charm of it has so can attract so many players, even gold players to invest in this game? In this article I will show you some of the opinions that the players bought on runescape2-accounts dot com before shared with me.
It has a unique user intimate design.Please do not underestimate this point, it will let the players stick to the game. In fact, usually only in details can highlight the game designer’s intimate. You may not optimistic about its interface character design, but it has a very good 3D design effect. It has vertical and horizontal directions; you can have a try if you are interested. Just have a very similar feeling with Warcraft. Background music has always been highly praised by the players. The instantly display map will mislead you into thinking you're playing online games, and not just a page game.
It has a powerful friends system. Perhaps it is not the same friends system you identified. When you log in, you can be randomly assigned to the server that is more conducive to your game speed. Perhaps today you are in Canada; tomorrow will be in the UK. But regardless of which server you landed from, you can add any of the players on the 171 servers include to your buddy system, including Member server and Jagex's FunOrb series. You can chat with your friends.
In the last place, playing the game will give you the feeling of immersive. Players could have a sense of intimacy, too. Some players dissatisfied with their real life, but in the game, they can do many things that are impossible. For instance, in reality, they can’t fulfill their political ambition or become managers in a firm; they can establish a guild and be the leader. So they can arrange guild activities regularly or give permission to other players for the bank if they are good at the game. In the game, everyone is equal. If you are the one for the game, you will have high reputation in the game regardless of your age, appearance, sex and so on.
Any different ideas welcome to leave a message or contact me on runescape2-accounts. We can exchange our views.

Runescape Trading Scams,
Runescape Trading Scams
Have you ever met some of the Scammers in game when you trying to some trading? This is not new if you ever pay attention to buy gold in game. For most of the players, they bought, tried to buy or preparing to buy gold so that they can get good equipment or weapons online. Maybe you will say I will be the exception. In fact, this kind of person will be few. From the experience I dealt with the buyers and seller, I will show you how to avoid being scammed.
The first kind of scam is you paid but didn't receive the product you buy. In this situation, you can contact PayPal, Moneybookers your credit card bank, because those are the most common payment instruments for most sites. And you might be glad to hear that they all put the buyer’s interest in the first place. You can open a dispute or ask for a refund, so they will deal it much quick. To avoid this kind of scam, you can do some research before you place the order. And as I know, runescape2-accounts.com is a reliable site with high reputation; a lot of players use it. You can have a look at it if you have some plan for the game.
Another kind of scam is someone else asks you to give the gold back to the consignor. For the trading, most of the consignors use a low level character to trade for the concern of safety. They will delete that character after the trading just in case the Jagex Company detects they violate the rules. And this gives the opportunity to speculators. They usually appear after you and the consignor finish trading. Once the sender deleted the character, they will create a same or similar character name. Next step was whisper you in game and tell you that they forget to take a screenshot, they need you give the gold back to them and they will redeliver to you later. If you did what they ask then you had been cheated. Some of the scammers are friends with the consignors and some of them just know the business so well, they know where you would like to trade and when you guys are ready to trade. My suggestion for you is never return the gold back to anyone unless they give much more gold than you buy. And even for this circumstance, you’d better talk to the site’s live chat and ask their help before you actually do it. The live chat person will help you confirm if they are the co-workers.
If you have any need of Runescape, I highly suggest you to visit runescape2-accounts.com, or search rs accounts for sale on Google. You won’t be disappointed after you have a try.

Runescape rules
Why Would Runescape Account Get Blocked?
Some people may complain that why my account so easily get blocked. I will let you know the reasons. Before we talk about the reasons, we need to know the rules of Runescape first. Below are the rules we need to obey when we play the game.
1. Offensive Language
Any language which is offensive, racist or obscene should not be used.
2. Item Scamming
Scam or deceive other players is not allowed.
3. Password Scamming
Asking for other players' password for any reason will not be tolerated.
4. Cheating/Bug Abuse
We must report to Jagex immediately if any bugs found within the game. 
5. Jagex Staff Impersonation
In any way you should not attempt to impersonate Jagex staff. 
6. Account Sharing/Trading
Each account should only be used by ONE person. 
7. Macroing
No other programs are allowed to use to gain an unfair advantage at the game.
8. Multiple Logging-In
If you create more than one RuneScape account, they must not interact to each other.
9. Encouraging Others to Break Rules
You must not encourage others to break any of the RuneScape rules. 
10. False Representations
This service must be used appropriately and treated with respect at all times. 
11. Advertising/Website
In the RuneScape game or RuneScape forums, you are not allowed to advertise.
12. Real World Item Trading
RuneScape items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game. 
13. Asking for Personal Details
In order to protect players' safety and privacy, you must not ask for personal information. 
14. Misuse of Official Forums
We should use the Forums respectfully at any time. 
15. Advert Blocking
Please do not block the Adverts in free-to-play RuneScape. 
You can check if you have broken any of the above rules. If that is not so sever, you can recover you account. My tips for you is that before you play the game, learn about the rules of the game would help you a lot. So if anything happened to you account, then you won’t be that confused.
Last but not the least; please log in your account at the same place. Because if you log in your account at another place then the ip address will be different, and the Jagex will consider you are another person that don't have the ownership of this account. Though if you can prove you are the same person, you can recover it, but the process will be a little trouble and you won’t like it.
So learn the rules and avoid the punishment and enjoy this game. If you want to know more about this game, welcome to visit runescape2-accounts.com.

Runescape pictures

Increase survival rate in a fight
Keeping dying in a fight is depressing. How to decrease death rate?

Level up as soon as possible. Hunter dance is well known as a good way to skill up, it is a movement that alternates melee and range attacks. You should make full use of your talents as a hunter to finish a fight perfectly, such as attach right scope to your bow or gun, and enchant your gear. Remember, use traps wisely, you can only set one trap at a time. You can use this to attack a single enemy, and then pull them towards your group. You should choose the right pet for yourself and learn to command your pet effectively. You can also make full use of a bow, a crossbow, or a series of traps to fight against enemies. Hunters have several kinds of lethal trap with various abilities. When you hit a higher level, you can achieve more powerful pet to help you fight, your talent ability will be upgraded at the same time.

It is a good choice for you to use feign death if you are being attacked by a monster, this will vastly increase your survivability.

Loyalty points in runescape
When you become a member, you can sign up for Jagex's Loyalty Programme which is described by Jagex as "a way of saying thanks for being a member" to be awarded loyalty points.

You can redeem points for emotes, new costumes, user titles and more. Keep your memberships going for a few months and those points will soon stack up, unlocking some very cool rewards indeed. For your first month, you will receive 500 loyalty points when buying runescape accounts for fun. The second month, you get 3000 more loyalty points, bringing the total to 3500 loyalty points after 2 months. He specializes in loyalty programme rewards and can be found in his shop near the Warriors’ Guild. If you've got the loyalty points, Xuan has the goods! The rate at which you earn loyalty points is accelerated with each consecutive month that you're a member. Each month thereafter you will be given 15,000 points in your runescape account.

Join the world of runescape. You can choose to play for free or there is a choice that you can become a member.

Earn runescape gold through guilds
If you want to earn gold through guilds, you should know some basic impressions about runescape guides.

Guides are some institutions that containing stores or resources selling weapons that can not be traded in other stores. And if you want to enter to the various different guilds, make sure your rs accounts have a certain skill level, amount of quest points, or completion of a specific quest. There are several areas and places that tend to have lots of players training certain skills. Firemaking and Smithing take place on certain game servers.

In fact, each guild has unique requirement before players enter and use its facilities. There are some gilds that can only be accessed in the members' version of Runescape which are called pay-to play gilds.

A cool book for you
If Goodkind's three book deal from TOR has anything to say about it. The Omen Machine is book number thirteen in Terry Goodkind's internationally best-selling series, The Sword of Truth.

Characters are the most contentious topic with the release of The Omen Machine. If I was being honest, I would say that, yes, the characters are not as fulfilling this time around. It's not so bad for something like this to happen in book thirteen. People have criticised Goodkind for delivering mere 'shadows' of the characters everyone has come to love or loath.

Goodkind sticks with the familiar, but also throws a lot of new elements into his safe-zones. If you haven't been a fan since Faith of the Fallen, this is not the redeeming title you've been waiting for.

The runescape Chatwing chat app allows social media integration
Famous topics concentrated on RS are avoiding killers, leveling tips, farming tips, old and participating with runescape account in events.

They need help from professional RS players with Chatwing's free shout box, while those runescape players who owe high runescape accounts can share their experience. The chat tool is simple but multi-functional, and can provide a bridge of communication for many players through blogs and websites. It takes only few seconds to install a Chatwing shout box in average, depending on the preferences of the user. Chatwing believes that a reliable chat application is necessary to help all runescape players connect with each other. They plan to improve the game user capacity of the chat app up to 1000.

In the coming months, Chatwing will go full-scale and introduce more and more features to the Runescape community. Why not buying runescape accounts for more fun?

Do you know the hardest quest that you can attempt as non-paid accounts in runescape?
Dragon Slayer is usually the last quest that free players embark on. So, not all the players can have the chance to confront it.

Go the the Dwarven mine and use the unfired bowl, wizard's mind silk and bomb on the door to the northeast. Kill Elvarg over the rocks. Complete the quest with your cheap runescape accounts by reporting back to Oziach. You will need to kill a dragon named Elavag to collect three parts of a map at Crandor Island. Bring the anti-dragonfire shield, because it is very important if you don't have alot of hp or food.

So, if you want to experence the quest, remember that farmer100 has awesome runescape accounts for sale.

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